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Bouteilles de vin

Wine menu

  • Discover ourcarefully curated wine list, where each bottle has been meticulously selected by our passionate chef.

  • Bruno, a fervent wine lover, has traveled through the most prestigious wine regionsin search of real treasures to satisfy the most demanding palates. He maintains privileged relations with renowned producers, allowing them to reserve exceptional cuvées for him, often in limited quantities.

  • Each wine on our menu has been chosen with carefor its distinctive character, its irreproachable quality and its potential to sublimate the flavors of our dishes. Whether it's a fruity and elegant Chardonnay, a classic and refined Bordeaux, or a sparkling and festive Champagne, our selection is a real journey to the heart of the most prestigious terroirs.

  • We are committed to providing our customersa unique wine experienceby offering wines that are not readily available on the market. You will thus have the opportunity to taste exclusive wines, real nuggets that cannot be found elsewhere. Each bottle tells a story, reflects the winemaker's know-how and embodies the authentic expression of the terroir.

  • Whether you are an informed connoisseur or simply looking for a taste discovery, our wine list promises you moments of delight and wonder.

Discover the exclusivity and quality for which our selection is renowned, and let our chef and our team take you on an exceptional taste journey."

The D-Vine solution for a better wine experience

We offer our customers the D-Vine solution. It has revolutionized the way we taste wine by the glass. An incredibly innovative system, equipped with a connected sommelier, which allows you to savor Great Wines in optimal tasting conditions. You no longer need to order a whole bottle to enjoy the best wine!

Discover now how D-Vine is revolutionizing the wine tasting experience and enter a new era of oenological pleasure! The "dVine" allows you to serve each glass of wine (10cl) in the best conditions: aeration and temperature to the nearest degree!  

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