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Bruno Seillery chef restaurateur

Bruno Seillery orchestrate abewitching traditional cuisine, where cooking is expressed with unequaled precision. Sometimes, exotic notes add a touch of Asia for a culinary experience unlike any other.

His inspiration and personal touches set him apart from all. He daresbold weddingsexotic products, to the delight of your amazed taste buds.

He puts a pointt of honor tocarefully source its products. THEmeats chosen are exclusively bred, like the “Duroc de Batallée” pig, a remarkable Iberian pig, or Limousin and Norman beef. 

The card offersPisces uniquelywild, from the traditional fishing of Brittany, Vendée, Basque Country and Saint Jean de Luz. 

As for theolive oil offered at the table… it is simply extraordinary,produced in the Alpes Maritimes by Domaine Lessatini, a family olive-growing estate perched on the hills of Nice. 

THEcheeses are prepared with careby Thomas Métin, a master cheesemaker from Vence highly appreciated by lovers of cheese delicacies. Taste them on the plate and savor these refined creations with passion.

THEdesserts are not lacking in originality and are all prepared"homemade" by the chef, like a delicious "Pavlova" with Carros strawberries that will make you melt with pleasure.

l'ambroisie restaurant gastronomique vence

Let yourself be seduced by some "signature" dishes that will awaken your taste buds...

The menu is full of varied flavors and some recipes have become over time "signature dishes" acclaimed by the regulars of the house!


Note, for example, an excellent pigeon red fruit vinegar carrots, Alacquered veal sweetbreads, THElobster ravioli or aIberian pork presa and hisspelled risotto.

Fondant mascarpone, lime coated in a crispy sweet paste, a subtle touch of vodka and a refreshing sorbet: discoverAmbrosia, a divine sweetness that lives up to its name.  

True delights that will transport you directly to culinary paradise!

see the Ambroisy menu
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